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oops pompeii is a me/staunton song


oh man did you guys just find this out? i have been crying about this for months!

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there is too much tumblr on my tumblr how am i ever going to catch up help

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for the anon & mod wondering about the shift away from "lithromantic" - iirc, it's because of overlap with stone butch identity. "lith" in this sense comes from the greek "lithos" meaning "stone" (like megalith, neolithic). "stone butch" is an identity specific to lesbians who enjoy pleasuring their partners but do not want to receive sexual touch from others. so the idea of non-reciprocation is there in both terms, but i understand how it could offend/be appropriative.


Ah alright I understand. Thank you!

-Mod Lutari

Stone butch is not specific to lesbians!!! Many Stone butches are transmasculine and/or nonbinary!!

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wow i just can’t will this ~oooooh ur stealing from the allo cis lesbians you straight devils~ crap.

like really, anytime anyone is actually mistreating lesbians, i’m taking up fucking arms, ok.

but if you try to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, i ain’t ever letting that one go. you’ve gone and crossed a line.

you want me on your side, you better keep that friendly fire down to a low roar.

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to the aromantic anon- lithromanticism is a great concept, but there has been some discussion over whether the term is appropriative of lesbian culture. a better (not controversial) term i believe is akoiromantic? i might not have spelled that right though


You are completely right and now that I’ve done some research on the topic of lithromantic being an appropriated term I came across the reason why.

This post points out the reason that lith is a term that was created by and for lesbians. Akoiromantic has the same meaning but without the appropriation of another group.

~ Evil Angel

No, that post does not point out why ‘lith’ is a term made ‘by and for lesbians’, because it was not. I wrote that post.
Lith is a term made by an for aro-spectrum folks, drawing on a term which has a historical significance in the lesbian community, but originated with transmasculine folks, and which is still alive today.
As for akoiromantic having the same meaning but not being appropriative, that’s still somewhat up for debate.

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but how can you bash sansa for liking stories about knights and adventure when you’re the one reading asoiaf

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you’re losing your memory now
you’re losing your memory now
you’re losing your memory

you’re losing your memory now

you’re losing your memory now

you’re losing your memory

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I’m sort of wanting a stim toy that I can chew with, after already having destroyed many, many things before with my need for chewing. I can’t really buy something online, and I kinda want it to be discreet. Closest idea I have is buying a puppy chew toy, which probably won’t bring up many questions given I live with two dogs who also love to chew on things.

This is my very favourite chewy stim-toy:


It has no flavour I can discern, it’s really smooth so stuff doesn’t stick to it, making it really easy to keep it clean, and every corner has a different texture!  Plus it’s a really pretty colour!

this site has a lot of different chewy stim toys, including pendants designed to look like regular necklaces. so, if you’re looking for discreet, check that out.

on the other hand, if the reason you can’t buy something online is bc you need to check the texture/consistency/something beforehand, that doesn’t really help you. but you could maybe find helpful reviews from people who’ve already bought them to find out more? and if nothing else, you could check out what they have to give you ideas.

i mean, you might find something not originally designed for stimming, that’s totally discreet, and just happens to meet your requirements. i tend to touch everything in stores just to check if it’s stimmable.